Wednesday, 1 April 2015

The school picnic

Have you been to pt England beach? Imagine a beautiful day with birds singing above the sky.Last week Friday the whole of pt England school went down to the point England beach.Before we got there we sat down in the hall for assembly that was weird because we never had a assembly before the picnic.

Do you know how amazing it is to go to a school picnic? I’m going to tell you about how amazing it was having a school picnic.This is how much amazing things we've done volleyball,touch, rugby,tee-ball,cricket, softball, tag and ripper rugby and soccer. what’s your favorite sports? My one would be softball and soccer.

Did you know this year picnic was the best?What a fantastic day last week and what a cold swim to.Do you know how beautiful pt england beach is?This is how beautiful pt england beach is.It’s clean it’s beautiful lovely amazing and yeah.If you went to a school picnic what would you say about your school picnic writing.

My favorite part would be when me and my friends were singing and when we were making a sand castle and when the little kid’s made a sand castle all by themselves as well.    

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