Friday, 27 February 2015

mathwhizz problem

                        Walt: solve math problems 

Here's what I have done. All we had to do was take a screen shot of our work and put it on our blog and we had to do the Walt.

Friday, 20 February 2015

omaru creek

WALT: find out information about our community and omaru creek.
This is Omaru creek. Omaru creek is a nice place to see the duck's,eels and little tadpoles.The Omaru creek is right next to the Glen Inns pools.We love you to come and see the wonderful duck's swimming in the pound and to see the butieful view.                     


Problem Solving - What Strategy Did You Use?

Me and my partner daniella are going to tell you about what we are learning and what strategy did you use? We learnt so many strategy some of us did the same cause we had partners and some of us didn't have partners. 

Extraordinary earthworm

We are learning to draw Extraordinary Earthworms and show more Extraordinary things. 

I enjoy our literacy class with miss lavakula we had to Explain all 3 things about our Extraordinary earthworm. 

Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Nana in thew plum tree

WALT. we learnt to do our reading activity on Monday and it was called Nana's in the Plum Tree. When I was doing my reading activity it was kind of hard so I ask one of the porous that were in my reading group. So when I ask for a little bit of help they helped me a little then I got the hang of it. So that's my Nana's in the Plum Tree.   

Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Goals for 2015

 we are doing a presentation about our 2015 goal here's what i did for my goal's to read,write and to do so much well on my math. 

Friday, 13 February 2015

white tailed spider

Walt:we are learning about the white Tailed spider.We are learning about the white tailed spider and the facts about it,what does the white tailed spider look like and 3 facts about if you have been bitten.     

Thursday, 12 February 2015

Duffy Theatre 2015

What an amazing day we had on Monday!!!
The year 4-8 went to see a Duffy theatre in the hall. when we arrived we sat down in our home class’s it was so hot in the hall.When the show started they introduced what there are going to act there was Duffy,sienna and a lady that acted all kind of different characters..

The funniest part of the show was when the garden lady was singing the tinka song. I thought that was the pretty funniest Duffy show I had ever been to. The garden lady was in Sienna’s imagination and Duffy thought that she was silly thinking to herself. Duffy couldn't see her because the garden lady was in Sienna’s head.

My favorite part was when Duffy helped Sienna read her favorite book .She helped Maui catch the sun so they could have more time to fish.My favorite book that sienna read was the dinosaur.   

Have you ever been to a Duffy show before if you have then how many have you been to?The Duffy show was wonderful my favorite character was the garden lady.  I think that the show was a 10/10.It encouraged me to read hard books. Do you like reading books cause i do?              

Wednesday, 11 February 2015

what's in the bag

Hi and me and my partner Dezare were working on a presentation and it's all about maths the presentation is called what's in the bag  and if you are looking at this leave a comment please thank you.

Wednesday, 4 February 2015

WALT tell the time

WALT: Tell the time
We are learning to tell the time like a quarter to two quarter past am pm and the different hand's to the clock and the digital and the form written form.

Holiday writing

Walt: We Are Writing a recount about our holiday highlight writing.              
My holiday writing
In the holiday i went to this river far away from here and who i went with was my two brother’s and my uncle aunty and my cousin’s and that’s all me and my two brother’s jumps off a cliff that was so so high i pretended that i was going to jump off at three but my brother pushed me off before 3 i said ready set 1.2.and then he pushed me off. I said why did you do that he said to me you said at two no i didn't say when both of my brother’s were about to jump off i ran up so fast and then they just already jumped off i ran up there for nothing so i waited and waited and finally they came up i hid they were about to jump off but they didn’t i pushed them off my self haha i laugh like i didn’t before then we had to go home but me and my brother went to the library instead after the library my aunt brought us our dinner and it was KFC and that’s my story of my holiday.

We are writing a recount about our holiday highlight,We had to use some details to describe more about our writing and show more improvement in writing.