Wednesday, 22 April 2015

holiday highlight

I’m going to tell you all about my school holidays.For my amazing school holidays i went with my dad to see my sister my niece and my inlaw brother in warkworth. i didn’t expected It so far away. When we arrived my sister ran out the door like she was turbo, well i was excited to so was my dad it was so nice to see my sister and my niece.After that we slept there four like only three days on the last day we went with my sister to the movies wow it was so awesome hanging out with my sister and she bought me a big easter egg as well it was yummy.   

Do you know how amazing i felt?I felt like i was spoilt and yeah well my niece she was way too spoilt she got anything she wanted well not anything only what she grabbed,my sister would still buy it for her or me i had way too much fun i can’t even remember oh yeah and we went to rainbow end for my niece birthday when we arrived home.I liked it when my dads part of the family had came to visit us its funny how our family talk in there own coulters  

Then me and my dad had to go home we had way too much fun there but it was time to go home it was good to be back at home,home sweet home. I was so excited being home and nearly my whole family was home i guess it was fun having nearly my whole family, it was my dads part of the family my dad had lots of fun when my dads part of the samoan family arrived but i didn’t like it when they spoke samoan to me i can’t even understand them or talk samoan only understand a little.

Yaaaay!!! were going to the beach, today we are going to mission bay to have fun and to celebrate my cousin and my sister birthday we had so much fun we went swimming and we went to the swimarama pool i liked it when me and my brother jumped of the diving board me and my brother went to the high one and i loved it when we went for a swim out the outside pools and the inside pools then we went home what a fantastic day we had my mum said then it was time to go to sleep before we went to sleep we brushed our teeth and the my dad said the pray in samoan.

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