Friday, 28 November 2014

Athletics day

this is my Athletics writing that i was working on yesterday and i finally finished hope you enjoy it

Have you ever did Athletics before?

Well I’m going to tell you 4 things about Athletics.Athletics is a sport’s day.Our whole school went on to the hard court and we had to get in to our year group after we got into our lines Mrs Burt said the karakia for us and Miss Va’afusuaga dismissed each year group. The day wasn't looking so great for athletics it was cloudy and rainy.
paragraph 2
The year 5 girl’s activite’s were the sprints,high jump,discus,shot put,javelin,sack race and tug of war. The first event was shot put The year 5 girls tried their best at all of the event’s some did great some did not so good but they tried there best.  

paragraph 3
Our nexted event was release i was so nervous when we got to the line were Mrs Brut was standing.Mrs Brut said ’’On’’your marks’ get’’ go’’ i felt so nervous i thought that i was going to come last but i didn't and i came 4 twice.

paragraph 4
The year 5 girls went to discus for our new event. When we got there we saw Mrs somervell. Mrs somervell gave the two year 5 girls the discus first then we all took turns with the discus it was cool.

My favorite part was when i came 4th place twice and when i came second in softball throw i had so much fun at Athletics i  thought that i was going to not have fun but i did have lots of fun.

Auckland art gallery

Have you ever been to the Auckland art gallery before.

Auckland Art Gallery Quiz Questions
1. Do you think that were allowed to touch the paintings?
2.what time do you think the Auckland art gallery opens?
3.Are you allowed to take a photograph?
4.Do you think that were allowed to go anywere in the art gallery?
5.Are you allowed to do whatever you want?

Thursday, 13 November 2014


We are learning to find and use relevant parts of the text to answer the questions correctly It is when roots and and plants grow.

Wednesday, 5 November 2014


What occurs right after hibernation? (highlight the correct answer)
  1. an animal find or makes a winter shelter
  2. an animals falls into a deep sleep
  3. an animal ventures out to look for food
  4. winter arrives

What is estivation? (highlight the correct answer)
  1. when an animal slows down and sleeps through the winter months
  2. when an animal digs a hole and looks for food
  3. when an animals slows down and sleeps for the summer months
  4. when an animal wakes up during hibernation

Listening and Drawing Exercising

Draw a squiggly line across on the bottom third of your page

Draw a straight line on the top third of your page

Draw a circle in the top left corner

Draw three clouds in the top third of your page

Draw a bucket underneath the squiggly line of the left

Draw an umbrella on the right of the bucket

Draw a boy wearing shorts and a tshirt in the middle on the bottom of your page

Draw another boy on the right next to the first boy you’ve drawn

Draw a beach ball in the middle of the two boys

Write your name in the top right corner