Friday, 24 March 2017

Simple and compound sentences

WALT - Identify & write simple and compound sentences
Today I had the opportunity to Finnish off my 
work so today I decided to work on this. 

place value

Can you write the value of the underlined digit?
36 - 6 = 30
63 - = 57
629 -  9 = 610
904 - 9 = 896
12  - 1 = 11  
907 -  - 7 = 90  
1990   -  1 = 1989
3842 - 3 = 3839

Write these words in numbers.
  1. Three hundred and two

  1. Eight hundred and sixty three

  1. One thousand

  1. Nine hundred

  1. Seventy seven

  1. One thousand two hundred and one
         1000, 2100

  1. Two thousand four hundred and fifty seven


Add ten to these numbers:
  1. 345 -  10 = 335
  2. 283 -  10 = 293
  3. 23 - 10 = 13
  4. 9 - 10 = 1
  5. 672 - 10 = 662

Add one hundred to each of these numbers:

  1. 243 - 100 = 143
  2. 74 - 100 = 23
  3. 188 - 100 = 88
  4. 765  - 100 = 665
  5. 12 - 100 = 88

Fractions word problem

Walt: identify and sort fractions of a number.
This year, our math class was looking at word problems
It had, fractions in all the slides and it shows how I have
found my answer.   

Tuesday, 21 March 2017

My role model

My Role Model Is:

My older sister because she is intelligent, She is kind, she is generous and she is beautiful. She is admirable, she is smart, she is helpful, she is good at singing, she is joyous and she is good at multitasking.  

She inspires me to do well at school and learn as much as I can. She is amazing and she is awesome. She makes sure I go to school even if I was late, she is a nice and caring sister.

Monday, 20 March 2017

Whale child & serious game

WALT: Identify the similarities and differences across different texts.
This is my presentation about 2 texts. They are called The Serious Game & The Whale Child. We had to answer the following questions that our literacy teacher.
My literacy's group learning intention is Identifying the similarities and use the same text in the story.
Success Criteria: I will know I can do this when I can explain the similarities and differences between 2 texts.

Water wise

Today we are focusing on finishing our week 7 and our other reading and writing tasks.

WALT -  Support all my answers with evidence from the text

Friday, 17 March 2017

The polys highlights

On Thursday the 16th of march the year sevens & eights had the opportunity to go on a trip to the ASB poly fest, a while later some schools started to arrive, as we waited we sang some songs. The day was hot and boiling lots of people had some fans and some hats to use and wear.

My favourite highlight about our trip to polyfest was the digital pois, because the pois were colorful and the lights were swinging in circles, upwards, down wards and side wards it fun. My eyes were also sore when we went outside and my legs were sore because we were walking for ages but it was fun.

My 2nd highlight was when I was on these bikes and we got free nutritional milkshakes, there were three different types of milkshakes there were: raspberry,poison berry and mango I had poison berry, it didn’t taste very nice so I gave it away, my legs were so sore when I was biking my legs were so tight and it was like I couldn’t move. But after a while my legs were okay.

My 3rd favourite highlight was when I was a police woman and arrested a little girl who went to another school, I arrested her because she was stealing, Well not really it was just for fun.

My favourite time of the day was when we went to have a go with the digital pois, it was so cool and when I was arresting some kids well one kid but the day was hot and my legs were sore but it was exciting at first.

Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Explanation Template for how to have a fun weekend

WALT - Identify & write simple and compound sentences

Today I was writing and planing how to have a fun weekend. 

Water worries

WALT - support all my answers with evidence from the text.
Today I am learning about the water worries and how to find the evidence from the text to help us out.

Water wise (B)

WALT: make sense of new information before, during and after reading by connecting it to myself, texts I know and my world.
Today my task was to learn more about the water wise and the water cycle Also my task was to finish it by the end of the week.