Thursday, 27 March 2014

A mazie

1. Why do they carry flags in the maize maze because so the lifeguard can help you.

2. Why is the lifeguard standing on a platform so she can see the flags

3. Why do you think people build or make mazes because its like A puzzle

Swimming Lessons

Have you been taught by An instructor before?
My instructor’s name is Carlotta,she has been teaching group 3 for the past  2 weeks. Class 9 goes too but some kids were in group 3 and some were in group 2 and in group 1. We go to the Glen Innes pool for our lessons. before we hopped into the pool we have a shower and only 4 kids are allowed at one time. we All had a turn to hope in the pool I fleet nice and cool when i hopped into the pool.  

Group three were learning about arm circles.I was tired of swimming because my instructor was telling me so much but i did not care about my arms. It was still sore but then it went. After our other lesson we worked on freestyle.

My favorite was freestyle it was cool And that was my best one of them. next I have to learn better at arm circles.

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

the maize

1. What’s a maze A maze is a dead end 2. What’s maze A maze is a dead end 3. What 3 things can mazes be made from dead end,its like A puzzle,lot’s of paths 4. How long can maize last for 5. When is maize planted green grass


Start your writing here: The shone brightly as we walked quickly swimming loson i was feeling exhaustly from the bruised walkde. as i diped my toes into the glistening water i feelt nice

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

pirate map

About My weekend's

In the weekend’s I went to my Aunty house with my sister And mum. it was so cool because we went shopping but it was only for my brother he was 21 year old we bought him cake and it was yummm. he had his 21 key for his birthday.

I enjoyed going shopping with my sister Sidena for my brother birthday. And she bought me some stuff like some clothes. They were really pretty I liked the cool close she bought me i love them.

On my niece's Anastasia birthday we are having her 1’s birthday at my house. Then we’re having It At rainbow’s End for her birthday. it’s going to Be cool My little sister is going to love it because shes has not been there before. And haven’t been there two but I think that it going to be fun.   

Dimitri's lunch

What was in Dimitri’s lunch that had a funny smell
feta cheese tomato and lettuce.

Why was mum going to make Dimitri something different for lunch
he said i ll have feta tomato and lettuce and i won’t sit next to kit

Why wasn’t Dimitri, Kit’s friend anymore
because he was being mean to him

How did Dimitri feel about the picnic