Friday, 31 July 2015

Exponents Followup Term 3 Week 1

WALT: Solve number problems by using more than one strategy.

Problem One
Joseph delivers newspapers. One afternoon he has 92 to deliver but only managed to get 34 done. How many newspapers does he have left to deliver? 34 - 92 = 58, 58 - 92 = 34

Problem Two
Phillip collected seashells from the beach. In one day he collected 81 shells. The next day mum told him to put some back. Now he has only 24 left. How many seashells did Phillip return? 81 - 24 = 57 , 57 - 81 = 24

ski trip

Walt: Infer and interpret the main ideas in the story

This story was written by Dave Armstrong. It's about a boy called Anthony who has to find ways of earning money for his trip.

Thursday, 30 July 2015

Exponents Followup 2 W2 T3

WALT:Use more than one strategy to solve number problems  

85 - 26 =?         9 x 8= 72
26 + 59 = 85    72 + 3 = 75
85 - 26 = 59     75 + 10 = 85

92 - 23 = ?         10 x 8 = 80
23 + 69 = 92      80 + 5 = 85
92 - 23 = 69        85 + 7 = 92 

Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Exponents Followup Week 2 Term 3

WALT: Use more than one strategy to solve number problems.

problem 1
82 - 54 = 28                  8 x 9 = 72 
28 + 54 = 82                 72 + 3 = 75
9 x 9 = 81 + 1 = 82       75 + 7 = 82

problem 2 

84 - 19 = 65         11 x 7 = 77 
65 + 19 = 84        77 + 3 = 80
12 x 7 = 84           80 + 4 = 84

Today the exponents are learning  Use more than one strategy to solve number problems.


What did you do in the school holidays? In the school holidays i went to stay over my sister's house. We did lots of fun things like we ate ice cream together,watched movies, played games and then we visited my aunty as we arrived i just remembered that it was my brothers birthday, i was so bummed that i had to miss out but anyways i didn’t miss out on my dads birthday so that was cool.

“Did” you know that Matariki is about the maori new year and the seven stars.It is said that if the stars of matariki are fainted, hazy, and hard to see separately, then a cold lean season will follow. however, if each star is bright enough to be seen clearly and separately, then the coming season will be warm, and the crops will flourish. For a long time, Matariki faded in peoples minds,Maori new year celebrations are becoming more and more common around the country.  

Today me my in law sister my real sister and my brother are coming back home “yay” were finally home.Man i really enjoyed it in the bus because it felt like i was already at home.But no i wasn’t and i was also loving it when i was at my sister’s house i didn’t want to go but i had to cause the school holiday had finnished.

Hey have you ever been to mission bay? well i have.Did you know that me and my cousin went far away and the waves were pushing us.

On the first term of school i missed two days cause i was still stuck at my sister's house.Then on tuesday night i came back home and as i arrived i knew that my family was happy about us coming back home. I really enjoyed coming back home and i also enjoyed going to my sister’s house.

Have you ever been to the glen innes pool? Well Today me, my mum, my dad, my little sister and my brother went to the pools. Man it was cold when we went into the cold pool but my sister went into the warm pool which was the little pool.

Friday, 3 July 2015

Tui in a tree

WALT:Read with fluency

This book is about a bird that didn't want to share his tree and his name was tui he wanted the tree all to himself but his friends wanted to share the tree because they had know where to stay so they said let's find our own tree and they did they were happy because it was right next to a stream and they had lot's of insects to eat. Then the storm came and they were scared then tui and his tree fell down on the ground and tui was stuck so the birds helped him out and that is what the story is about.

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Wednesday, 1 July 2015

My game 2015 tinkering tools and toys

Exponents Activity 3

WALT: Find the shaded part of each shape.

Equivalent Fractions

WALT:Identify and compare fractions

Today the Exponents have learned about our Equivalent Fractions             and Identify comparing fractions

Simile Poetry about My Family

WALT:use similes to write a poem about ourselves