Monday, 21 March 2016

The bush walk

One sunny beautiful day four people decided they would like to go bush walking in the forest. There was a girl who had shiny long blond hair with a birthmark on her left leg who was named Emily, there was also another girl with curly brown hair who really enjoyed her walks named Ayva, a man with short black hair named Jackson and another man with short brown black’ish hair as well who really loved jogging his name was Miracle who was also the one who snored a lot at night.

As the sun was shiny like never before, it got darker darker for a sudden, so the group decided to take a break for the day so Jackson “ said” let's camp here for the night so they got out there tents and there things ready for the night. The group was sleeping Emily heard something outside of the tent. She woke up and also woke up the others but they said “what's the matter go back to sleep”, it’s in the middle of the night, Miracle said just go back to sleep it might be just something stupid like a squirrel, so she went back to bed but again it had come back, but she just ignored it but anyways she went out there and there was nothing so she went back to sleep.

The next day the group had a early start they all had bruises on the arms and legs, so they cried they wanted to go home.. They arrived home and there houses were upside down, Ayva “said” what the heck is going on here, so they cleaned up there house and went back to bed…. And they slept happily ever after.

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