Thursday, 4 June 2015

blindfold game

Wow you will never guess what room 8’s literacy class did? Well we played the blindfold game that involved rice, bowls, six paper and 20 safety pins that were in the bowl filled with rice you really should play it.

I was nervous when we first started that’s why i was waiting patiently for my turn.People where just taking the whole rice out also you're not meant to get help from your friend or someone next to you but they still helped

How to play?
You have to have six papers, six bowls, rice 20 safety pins and of course six blind folders also you have to have six kids to play only if they want to play.You have to try and get as many safety pins as you can and if you cheat you're out of the game also never take of your blind folder. If you get more than fifteen safety pins you might win a prize from miss lavakula only if your in her Literacy Class.

The first kids are Andrew Jonathon Machelle Tavake Montel and Alex. Andrew got the most out of all of them and my friend said that her funny part was when I put the whole rice out. I thought that it was pretty funny too. When it was my turn I decided to go for the bowl that had the most pins and when the timer started I put my hand on the bowl and started digging through the rice and i pulled out only 10 but when but when the timer was about to finish I grabbed one but I lost it when I was going to put it on to the paper.

Hey did you know that the game we were playing was amazing. I hope that you will find the game easier than i thought it was. I felt like i was in a dark cave and i was blind because it was pitch black.It is like the game called the chocolate game but we had to get dressed and cut the chocolate.

My favorite part was when my friend machelle scooped a handful of rice and dropped it on the piece of paper, that what most of my friend would of done so they can get more pin but they got more rice instead. Once the game finished the winner was Andrew and Flynlay

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