Wednesday, 17 June 2015


Hey, do you know how to play basketball?
Well for the past eight week’s room 8’s math class has been going to basketball and learning skills.The skills we learnt was jump stop, how to shoot the ball behind our head’s, defending, and of course the shooting. Today we are going to learn some skills about basketball, here are some skills that we are just learning the bongo drums if you don’t know what they are you have to bend down and bounce the ball with two hands.
Now we are going to play a game with coach vinny, the game is called golden child.  

How to play basketball?If you want to play basketball all you will need is a ball, hoops, a coach to teach you only if you don’t know how to play and you'll need people to play with you. Did you know that you could have any couch as long as they know how to play and the know some skill. You will never guess what skill i like most? It’s The v dribble,the v dribble is a skill that’s pretty easy to learn that’s why i like it.

If you want to learn some of these skill try your best?
Here are some skills that we have learnt so far the bongo drums, no blocking, bouncing the ball, rolling  the ball, feet n knees, arms,
golden child,games, pivot, over head pass and the V dribble.   

I really enjoyed basketball because It was awesome and i really liked the coaches.I hope i can learn more and more about basketball and i really really want to learn more skills to be better then my friend’s.Did you know that it isn't about the best’s it’s only about having fun and shearing.   

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