Wednesday, 21 June 2017


Image result for fidget spinnerFidget spinners have been affecting us kids from concentrating on work that is meant to be done. Fidget spinners have been banned from classrooms and schools around the world. Fidget spinners are just meant for older people to concentrate instead of older people pushing their finger down on the pen constantly or rubbing their finger tips together. Also  that’s why students here have been getting lower grades.

Students have also been bringing them to school for others to play in their classrooms and also showing their classmates about how cool their fidget spinner is. That is why some students have been getting alday growlings from teachers and this sometimes makes students go wild.

Some kids don’t even pay attention to their work, they also don’t pay attention to their teacher that is why teachers get so frustrated and want the student to get out of the class.

This is my writing for week 6. Our learning intention is to capture our audience's attention.

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