Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Now that's thinking

This term we started off with our new topic about now that's thinking. A song was played as team 5 started to approach hall, the song was called bright ideas by Vitamin A. 

As we were waiting team 1 started off with their item about Matariki, gathering food and making some fancy kites. Team 2 and 3 were also about Matariki and different ideas.

 As Mr Somerville was speaking a video was played and it was about Maori technologies and some genius ideas. As team 5 started to walk up the stairs, some music played the song was called Bob the builder, Mr Wiseman was Bob the builder and he started to make up this fancy accent.  

Mr Wiseman started to talk to us about how to sing the Bob the builder properly, but we never got near the sound he made. 

Mrs Judd, Mrs Ilaoa and Miss Tapuke had problems and they all needed help to solve them lucky for Bob the builder. He solved each problem with his thinking. Our topic for this term is now that's thinking.        

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  1. Kia ora Amethyst, you have written an excellent recount of the Term 2 Immersion assembly! Team 5 will look at different ways to improve life at Pt England School this term - what ideas do you have?