Friday, 4 November 2016


Today Team 5 has been getting prepared for our Maths Test and that we had to study as hard as we can to get better so that we are ready to to improve on our Maths Test.Everybody moved straight into their maths class because that was the first thing that we had to do. All the students had to try and bring their own Pencil or Pen to their maths class so we can work out our answers. Before I knew it, the whole block went absolutely silent and it was time for everybody to stay focus on our maths test and making sure that we don't get distracted. The reason why it is so important to set a test is because you can compare what you have done in the beginning at how well you have done till the end. If you want to have a great education or a great life, then you have to study and do well at all your test subjects before moving on with your life. If you do well in your test, then you can make it into a great university and have a job and a driving license. No talking to the person next to you/Don't try cheating because that means that you're not trying your best at the test. Try using these strategies to help you out when you have come across hard maths problems that you don't know how to solve? Process of Elimination - Means that you read the question and you try looking at all your options that you have. Then you can cross out each option that you think doesn't suit the question. 2. Identify Key Words - You have to try and search for all the keywords that you have found in the question and try understanding what it means. 3. Read Question 3 Times - This means that you have to try and read the question 3 times before answering the question

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  1. Kia ora Amethyst!

    My name is Mark and I'm a teacher working for the Summer Learning Journey you signed up for at the end of term. I was just having a browse through all the students and came across this blog of yours!

    As a teacher I think maths is very important, and I can see that you think school and learning is important for getting a good job! This is a very good link to make and is very true! But do you know why maths is important? Have a think. A lot of people just dismiss maths as "I'll never use it." but that is not true!

    Every time we use our brains to figure out a maths problem, we are using our problem solving skills, every time we try a different strategy, our brain is learning that sometimes we need to change how we do things to succeed, and what's more amazing is that every time we do that, we get faster at it. Once we learn maths, we lose our fear of it, so when we see big numbers or are trying to budget for our lives, those tasks seem easier!

    This is why I like maths anyway. It's much more than just learning something because I have to, it's learning something because it makes me faster and smarter for all parts of life! I also like solving puzzles, and maths is always a puzzle game to me.

    I know you haven't started our programme yet, but if you get the chance I think you'd enjoy joining in with your classmates. It seems like they're all having fun learning about the world and traveling!! Which is very different to maths and there are lots of experienced travelers like myself commenting!

    The activities are interesting, and there are even chances to create and design, make poems, and debate about bull fighting! There's heaps of stuff to do and the best part is that you decide which stuff you want to do.

    I hope to see you online soon. I just thought I would remind you while I was here, and let you know that you can still join in whenever you like.

    I hope you're having a great holiday,