Tuesday, 3 May 2016

As i see it, 2016, term 2.

WALT: Use a variety of interesting vocabulary to keep our readers engaged

Today is the 2nd of may and it's the second term. This morning we had Immersion assembly, as we intered with excitement to the Immersion assembly we saw Mr Jacobson wearing a giant paint palette, he looked like as if he was a giant paint artist.                                                      

To kick off this term,us kids watched little bits of movies and our teachers performing. Team 1 teachers were talking about their favorite thing, Miss wild’s favorite thing was her cat and her dog named Joey and Miss Lal's favorite thing was playing soccer, also i could hear some music that was sung by Julie Andrews when she was little.

After the team 1 performance we watched team 2 perform, team two's  focus was the seasons, winter, summer, autumn and spring. Every term we have a special thing that we do, which is changing a focus to something new, like this term the year 5 item was about the four wakas, there was Hinemoana which represented the sea, there was Hikianalia which represented the earth and the garden and trees. Also there was two more different other colours which was red that represented the blood tears and eyes, there was yellow which represented the stars so we can see at night.           

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