Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Living on a farm

     Living on a farm

What would you like to do if you were living on a farm? If i lived on a farm i would like to milk the cows in the milking shed.

my second choice would to look after the calf’s. Getting up early to feed them would be hard. there would be so much milk to make up, then take it to the calf’s pen and lift up into the containers for the calves to drink from.

Although there would be lots of fun things to do living on a dairy farm, and I would like to visit one, I am a city boy/girl at heart. I think I’m happy just to learn about what kids do growing up on a farm.

It has been interesting to learn about what it would be like to live on a dairy farm, all the jobs you get to help with and animals you care for. But living there full time? No thank you. I think I’ll stick to the city.

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