Friday, 8 May 2015

The earthquake in Nepal

Do you watch the news?In Nepal there was a 7.8 earthquake. As the ground started to shake and crack, dirt and dust came out of the ground. Everyone rushed to the middle of the street so that the buildings wouldn't crush them. People were scared and afraid of the Aftershock and people were holding on poles and stuff.Did you know some of them had to sleep on the streets because of the earthquake.People had nowhere else to stay because of the buildings had been demolished.

There was a powerful earthquake that struck Nepal.
Over 5000 people died in Nepal and was injured badly.The last earthquake was in 1934.Did you know that South Asia and
North India is part of Nepal.The Nepalese were searching through the rubble for survivors. Thousands of people were missing and people really needed help. People were expecting a bigger aftershock.There is a outbreak of disease that’s spreading around Nepal.

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