Friday, 20 March 2015

all about camp

Have you ever been to camp before?

On Wednesday,  the year five and six went to camp.Some of us went to camp and some of us didn’t.  I’m going to tell you about our awesome camp groups there was Matapono e, True Crew, All Stars, Real Deals, Honest Squad and The Commitments.

Our first activity was top town with Mr Jacobson,we were vs  real  deals Mr Jacobson said heres your challenge fill up those water balloons and then put them in the middle for your team for revenge we had to get past the skis and the blue mountain after were finished we have to make a chart and put up our flag anyways the true crew won.

Do you know How amazing was camp? Camp is so amazing it’s like you want to stay there for a month or so. We did so many things like kayaking,swimming, and cooking. We also did The Amazing Race, which was called Get Lost, and Top Town, which was called Death Zone. On Friday we went to the Mangere pools . I really enjoyed camp this year. I hope to go some time again.

At night we slept with buddies that we didn’t want to sleep with but i `enjoyed sleeping with my buddies there name are called revival and and my buddies were pretending to go to sleep and there were teachers walking around tents well it was night,then when i went sleep my partners ate chocolate with out me but that was OK because i got to eat my lollies myself and i sheared with some of my friends and my brother.

Then in the morning we got up at 6:00 am and went in the hall for jump jam after jump jam it was time to go kayaking. When we went to the point England beach for kayaking miss garden told us to grab a life jacket, Paula and Taniela were helping us get into the kayaks they said to do “foot bum foot” before you get into the kayak too.

My favorite part was when we went to our consite in the hall, true crew were last so that we can get our stuff ready for our dance then after real delz, we went onto the stage and the lights went off  and on our glowing bangles were glowing in the dark on our hands, then Mr Jacobson called who came 3rd and who came 2nd and 1st.True crew came 3rd and real deals came 2nd and Honest squad came 1st. Here's a link of vimeo 

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  1. Hi Amethyst,Wow you writing just blow my mine and keep up the good work.I bet you had a good day at camp.