Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Holiday writing

Walt: We Are Writing a recount about our holiday highlight writing.              
My holiday writing
In the holiday i went to this river far away from here and who i went with was my two brother’s and my uncle aunty and my cousin’s and that’s all me and my two brother’s jumps off a cliff that was so so high i pretended that i was going to jump off at three but my brother pushed me off before 3 i said ready set 1.2.and then he pushed me off. I said why did you do that he said to me you said at two no i didn't say when both of my brother’s were about to jump off i ran up so fast and then they just already jumped off i ran up there for nothing so i waited and waited and finally they came up i hid they were about to jump off but they didn’t i pushed them off my self haha i laugh like i didn’t before then we had to go home but me and my brother went to the library instead after the library my aunt brought us our dinner and it was KFC and that’s my story of my holiday.

We are writing a recount about our holiday highlight,We had to use some details to describe more about our writing and show more improvement in writing.

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