Thursday, 18 September 2014

Cross Country

Has your school ever done cross country? On September 11th Point England school had cross country. Everyone was getting ready I was feeling shy. Once I Got to the starting line my heart was pounding against my chest. I was getting nervous when I was about to run. Mr Burt said “put your feet together on the start line. When Mr Burt said ‘’get set, on your marks,Go!’’,.I Started sprinting off but some of the year fives were in front of me.

I heard some adults cheering for their kids.We ran and ran and that was were i was near the horses farm,I started getting tired. Some of the girls behind me were getting tired too. as i got closer to the finish line I just ran faster and faster,then I past the finish line And I came 7th and that wasn't so bad.

My Favorite part was when I came 7th and the other Favorite part was i didn't get muddy or wet and it was sunny.Here’s. some of the house colors Takitimu(yellow)  TeAraway (red) Tainui (blue) Mataatua Green.

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