Wednesday, 7 May 2014

My holiday or immersion Assembly

In the holiday i want to see my sister far far away from my house.when we got there it was dark but we find our way inside the house  my sister just saw the lights flashing on the house.and it was raining before we got in the house we forgot our staff in the car.and how i went with was my brothers and my sisters and i have only 4 sister.

when it was dark we had KFC for dinner with my sister and my brothers we had the family pack for all of us but when i ate a little bit i was fool  because my tummy was so hard i can't eat.when it was the morning we had our breakfast i had weet bix for my breakfast it was yum.

It was so sad because we had to go back home and because we had school but. next week she came back last monday she went she was only aloud to stay for 2 weeks. until school started but we didn't go to school on monday because my sister was leaving.         


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